Family Research Packages

For those of you who have not got the time or the patience to do your own research then we we are happy to do it for you.  We can trace your ancestors and provide you with beautiful family charts and books. We love our work and provide a thorough and professional timely service.

We can provide bespoke family research to suit your specific needs or you can choose from our great value packages.

We provide a range of packages to suit different needs and budgets.


A great gift
£ 129
  • One family
  • Hourglass Chart
  • 2 weeks turnaround


Investigate one family line
£ 359
  • One branch/surname
  • 1 Family Tree Chart
  • 4 weeks turnaround


Research both parents
£ 649
  • Two branches/surnames
  • 2 Family Tree Charts
  • 8 weeks turnaround


Research your granparents
£ 999
  • 4 brances/surnames
  • 4 Family Tree Charts
  • 10-16 weeks turnaround
top Value