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"We aim to help as many people as possible research their own family tree so that precious information and memories can be conserved for future generations."

The Family Research Academy (FRA) is here to help people do their own research into their family tree.  We believe that family history is so important and exciting that everybody should be able to do it and we work to make this possible.

If you find that you have not got the time or the patience to do your own research then we we are happy to do it for you.  We can trace your ancestors and provide you with beautiful family charts and books. We love our work and provide a thorough and professional timely service.

We can provide bespoke family research to suit your specific needs or you can choose from our great value packages.

Our research is not limited to the United Kingdom or other English speaking countries. We have a lot of experience in carrying out research in other countries such as Italy.

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